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American Institute of Graphics
(1998) NOVA Online, Best of New England

Art Director's Club New York
(1999) NOVA Online

Griffith Observatory Star Award
(week of July 24-30, 2005) NOVA

Horizon Interactive Awards
(2006) NOVA scienceNOW, Bronze Award in Education/Training

Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival
(2005) Wave That Shook the World, Finalist, Best Web Presentation

Massachusetts Interactive Media Council Awards
(1998) NOVA Online, Into the Abyss,
Best Higher/Continuing Education Online Site
(1997) NOVA Online,
Best Children's/Young Adult Online Site
(1997) NOVA Online, Alive on Everest,
Best General Entertainment/Edutainment Online Site

PBS Advertising and Promotion Award
(1997) NOVA Online, Best World Wide Web Home Page for a PBS Series

George Foster Peabody Award
(2003) NOVA Online, The Elegant Universe

Popular Science Magazine 50 Best of the Web
(1999) NOVA Online

ScientificAmerican.com Science and Technology Web Award
(2004) NOVA Online, The Elegant Universe

Webby Award Honoree
(2006) Einstein's Big Idea
(2006) NOVA scienceNOW

Worldfest Houston Remi Award
(2004) NOVA Online, Platinum for Best Web Site

Worldfest Flagstaff Remi Award
(1999) NOVA Online, Gold for Best Web Site


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