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Welcome to the companion Web site to "Surviving AIDS," originally broadcast on NOVA on February 2, 1999. The program looks at the cutting edge of AIDS research, and what scientists are learning about preserving the immune system and marshalling the body's natural defenses against HIV to keep infected people from progressing to AIDS. Here's what you'll find online:
  • Fighting Back (Hot Science)
    As you try to fight off an infection in this interactive activity, you'll gain an appreciation for the complexity of the body's immune system. (Shockwave and non-Shockwave versions)

  • See HIV in Action
    In a series of sophisticated color graphics and Quicktime movies, AIDS researcher José Assouline guides viewers through the life cycle of H.I.V.

  • Search for a Vaccine
    Dr. David Baltimore, chairman of the AIDS Vaccine Research Committee, gives a cautious yet hopeful update on the hunt for a vaccine—a quest on which the U.S. government alone spends $200 million a year.

  • AIDS in Perspective
    Click through six world maps, each of which tells a different, yet equally sobering story about the worldwide magnitude of AIDS, and those who are affected.

  • The Virus Fighters
    Some of the world's leading AIDS researchers discuss their hopes and fears for curbing this global scourge.
Plus Help/Resources and a Teacher's Guide.

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