Biblical Archeology

  • By Melissa Salpietra
  • Posted 11.18.08
  • NOVA

When did the Israelites first emerge on the world stage, and at what point did their belief in a single God crystallize? NOVA's documentary "The Bible's Buried Secrets" draws on recent archeological findings and comprehensive biblical scholarship to paint a vivid picture of the origins of the ancient Israelites, the writing of the Hebrew Bible, and the birth of monotheism. In the following time line, explore the archeological evidence that lies at the heart of NOVA's program.

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On this time line, explore discoveries related to the earliest Israelites and the writing of the Bible.

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Courtesy of The Fine Arts Library, Harvard College Library
(map, Canaanite elite, Ramesses II statue, desecrated Canaanite statue, Merneptah Stele, population maps, house illustration, wall, map of gates, abecedary, relief at Karnak, Tel Rehov figurine, Tel Dan Stele, tomb, Assyrian art, silver scrolls, Babylonian text, Hebrew Bible)
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(Dead Sea Scrolls)
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