Anatomy of the Punt Ship

  • By Rachel VanCott
  • Posted 12.01.09
  • NOVA

When researchers set out to create a full-size reconstruction of a pharaonic sailing vessel, as seen in NOVA's "Building Pharaoh's Ship," they had to rediscover some of the basics of New Kingdom engineering. In this interactive, explore different parts of the ship that its recreators dubbed Min of the Desert.

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Click on parts of the pharaoh Hatshepsut's reconstructed vessel and see how they compare to archeological finds.



(Min in full sail, mast, truss, planking, joints, caulking, quarter rudders)
© WGBH Educational Foundation
(rigging, sail, ballast)
Courtesy Kathryn Bard
Courtesy Cheryl Ward, Center for Archaeology & Anthropology, Coastal Carolina University

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