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360° Dive into a Black Hole

Ever wonder what it would be like to fall into a black hole? Dive in for a 360° adventure.

BySamia Bouzid, Greg KestinNOVA NextNOVA Next
360° Dive into a Black Hole

If you jumped into a black hole, not even the strongest rope could keep you from plunging into its depths toward singularity. Your plunge would be as unstoppable as the march of time is to you and me.

Even before you crossed the event horizon—the point of no return—the universe as you know it would become very strange. But at the event horizon, your fate becomes complicated and not fully understood. It depends on the perspective of who’s asking and which of the two pillars of physics—quantum mechanics or gravity—is ultimately correct.

Play the video below to begin your own adventure into a black hole:

Play the video below to begin your own 360° dive into a black hole: