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A Different View

The Secret Life of Scientists and EngineersThe Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers

Watching Emily’s videos , I can’t help concluding that the study of architecture and the forces that hold buildings up (and knock them down) could only be better understood by climbing them.

It’s like any other field of science—getting up close and personal with the plant cell, the chemical element or the roman viaduct can only increase our understanding of how the structure is built and how it functions.

Of course, Emily uses software and computer models to get close to the structures she studies, but I am reminded of a BBC-produced documentary series of recent years.

A Different View-emily-nd-v2.jpg
Watch out for the Hunchback, Emily!

Climbing Great Buildings features Dr. Jonathan Foyle climbing some of the masterpieces of British Architecture. It’s an enjoyable watch if you’re interested in architecture but also just to marvel at the sheer bravery of those involved. I can say with certainty that you’d never get me up there!

Emily’s videos and Climbing Great Buildings remind us to take a different view of our work. It’s amazing what we could find out. That being said, this particular scientist is keeping his feet firmly on the ground!