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A Friendly Interrogation

The Secret Life of Scientists and EngineersThe Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers

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Most interviews I give are done by email or over the phone. So flying out to meet up with the “Secret Life” crew, which I now refer to admirably as “the PBS interrogation crew,” was quite a different experience. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’m not used to giving interviews outside of the wrestling world or to people who weren’t already wrestling fans. You never know what to expect about the type of attitude non-wrestling fans may have about the sport.

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A Friendly Interrogation-rachel_with_slos_team.jpg
Rachel with the team. She’s going to “protect” us.

To my delight, the Secret Lifers were all fantastic people. They really had an interest in what I do and had tons of questions I never get from the average wrestling fan. I could sense the excitement going into this interroga… err, interview. I had a good time talking with them all and getting to know them a little bit before we began the interview. As the interview was underway, 3.5 hours later, we were in a bit of a rush trying to get everything complete. I’m not one who’s used to talking so much at all. I was surprised at how much I actually had to say. Not only that, but I was surprised at how much there is for people to ask me about. The team made it a really fun experience for me, though, and I definitely appreciate the time taken to get a full account of my life in science and wrestling. I loved getting to be a part of this web series.

So thank you to the PBS interrogation crew! Thanks for this awesome experience and for making it as fun as possible.