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A Lot Like Judy

The Secret Life of Scientists and EngineersThe Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers

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Today’s guest blogger is “Secret Life” fan, Amy Smith. She was inspired to write to us after reading this post from Judy Lee .

While checking out several of the posts on the “Secret Life of Scientists & Engineers,” one in particular caught my eye. Secret Lifer Judy Lee’s story is one I could relate to very much. As a child I was also EXTREMELY shy to the point where I wouldn’t speak in school.

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I had a couple of good friends I would share things with, but felt anxious speaking before adults or speaking up in class. Often I was misunderstood because of my shyness and had some tough times adjusting to new social settings. Luckily I did have teachers during my school years who were patient, understanding of my nervousness in social settings, and were able to draw me out a bit by encouraging my creativity and curiosity.

As I clearly recall, my first and second grade teacher truly made her classroom environment so much fun that I looked forward to going to school. By having a comfortable environment in which to grow, learn, and thrive I began to feel that my school experience could be rewarding, rather than intimidating. I changed from being a fearful, hesitant student to wanting to participate in classroom activities and experiment and explore more in a school setting. With my teacher’s guidance, encouragement, sense of humor, and with her support I managed to make a lot of progress during those years.

I am grateful for these teachers that did take the time to get to know me, and I will never forget that their passion for teaching and students has made a difference in my life. They are my heroes and role models. Many thanks to those encouraging teachers I knew through the years and to Judy Lee for sharing her story!