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Apply to Join the NOVA Science Studio

This fall, we are excited to take the NOVA Science Studio to the national stage with a virtual launch of our program that will engage students across the country. 

ByTenijah HamiltonNOVA Science StudioNOVA Science Studio

The NOVA Science Studio is a new program aspiring to change the face of STEM by championing young diverse voices in science communication. Credit: Pekic/iStockphoto

You’ve heard it before, and you’ll hear it again: These are unprecedented times. As we’ve faced these new challenges across the globe and together as a nation, we’ve had to adjust to a reality that has meant embracing a new normal. From sourdough starter kits and adventures in online learning to finding a love for the great outdoors while social distancing, staying close to home has not curbed the joy of discovery, but has perhaps instigated the rediscovery of what was already within arms’ reach.

When exploring our own communities and lives, we begin to uncover how science intersects with society in ways that inform our lived experiences. Like when a childhood love of the natural world, spurred on by adventures on your ancestral land, develops into a career in tropical paleontology and helps to normalize what it means to be #BlackinNature. Or when honoring your community’s Comanche tradition of caring for eagles turns into running one of only seven tribal-run eagle repositories in the country, aiding wildlife preservation efforts. With a focus on hyperlocal storytelling, the NOVA Science Studio (NSS) aims to give students the tools to tell their own stories through the science happening right in their own backyard.

After a successful pilot run in Boston, the NOVA Science Studio will begin a new cycle, welcoming 30 students to join remotely from across the country. They will be grouped into 5 cohorts, or “sites,” each run virtually by a Site Coordinator. The program uses a hybrid science communication and video production curriculum developed by NOVA staff. This includes a workshop series featuring diverse STEM and SciComm experts and a video tutorial series aimed at increasing tech literacy. The students will work together to produce short science videos on topics of their choosing. Throughout the course of the program, students at the five sites will learn about topics such as scientific misinformation, video production skills, and a wide range of STEM careers, under the guidance of a Site Coordinator and the mentorship of a NOVA producer.

Student applications now open. Read below to find out how to apply for the 2020-2021 cycle of the NOVA Science Studio program.

NSS Student Applicant Information:

The NOVA Science Studio is open to students over the age of 13. Please note that if you are under 18 years of age, permission from a parent or guardian is required to submit your application

· You must reside in the United States or a U.S. territory

· You must have regular access to technology with the ability to film video (smartphone, DSLR, iPad, etc.) and a computer (laptop, tablet, desktop computer, etc.)

· The program will run from December 2020 to May 2021 and you must commit to attending NSS sessions twice a week for an hour each

· Student participants will work in groups of three to complete the final project (a video three to five minutes in length about a science story of your choosing)

· NOVA producers will guide and mentor students throughout the program

To apply to be part of the NOVA Science Studio program, students must download and fill out the NOVA Science Studio Student Application (with parent/guardian if under 18) and submit it to no later than December 15, 2020.

The application period for students has ended.

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NSS Site Coordinator Applicant Information:

NSS Site Coordinators must be over 18 years old and live in the United States or a U.S. territory and will commit to:

• Participate in the program with a cohort of six students from December 2020 through May 2021

• Instruct and support six students via sessions that explore video production techniques, science communication, and storytelling

• Attend training sessions run by the NOVA staff before the program launch with students

• Lead three sessions a week for an hour each with students in the cohort, with a total time commitment of 12-15 hours a month

• Attend check-in sessions with the NOVA Science Studio Program Manager

• Support students in their cohort with regular feedback and to help them develop and refine their video projects

NSS Site Coordinators will receive a $3,000 stipend for their participation and management of the student cohorts.

The application period for the Site Coordinator position has ended.

Email us at with any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

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