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Ask Jim Gates Your Questions

ByTom MillerThe Secret Life of Scientists and EngineersThe Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers

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You may have science. And you may have faith. But do you have string… theory?

Q: Jacob

Hi Jim, do you still read Fantastic Four comics? Do you have any classic collectible issues?

A: Jim Gates

As I went away to college, my step-mom made me get rid of all my Marvel comic collection. Drat, I often think, `I could be rich today.’ But there are these collector edition reprints out now.

Recently, I read some to see if my memories of Stan Lee’s work was a good as I had re-membered. I found his best is still as great as I recalled. Who else would have put the Hate Monger, Prester John or the Black Panther in- to a comic book in the sixties? Jack Kirby is still my favorite comic book artist. Some of his portrayal of `cosmic energy’ and the Silver Surface are still (shall we say) `fantastic!’

Unfortunately, the last time I read comic books was about the time that I left Jones High, the historical black high school in Orlando, FL, and went away to MIT. But reading comics definitely gave me a boost
toward becoming a scientist.