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Ask Rachel Your Questions

ByTom MillerThe Secret Life of Scientists and EngineersThe Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers

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OK, she’s got you in a headlock. You’re gasping for air. And she says, “You can ask me one question. What’s it gonna be, buddy?” Submission.

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Q: Hawkeye

How did it feel when you beat Sara Del Rey for the title and then how did it feel when you lost the title to Madison Eagles?

Yes, Im a huge a SHIMMER fan and this is about as close as Ill ever be able to actually ask you the question.

A: Rachel Collins

Beating Sara Del Rey for the SHIMMER title was awesome! She’s a very tough opponent and not easy at all to keep down for those 3 seconds. Losing to Madison Eagles… well, she’s certainly great wrestler. There is no denying that. I’m just biding my time waiting for my rematch!

Q: Ms. Naymark’s Class

Hi Rachel,

My students were really surprised by your secret and had lots of questions for you.
1) If you could take on any wrestler who would it be?
2) What is the green mist made of and does it taste bad?
3) What made you want to study microbiology?
4) Have you ever found a bacteria that you couldn’t kill with antibiotics?
5) What was the worst injury you have gotten from wrestling?
6) What is your favorite wrestling move and did you have to learn gymnastics?
7) What is your favorite antibiotic?
Thanks for sharing your science and your secret with us!

A: Rachel Collins

Hello to Ms. Naymark’s class!

1) I don’t have anyone in particular. I’ll take on any wrestler who thinks they’re up for the challenge.

2) That is a secret I will never reveal, it’s certainly bad for my opponents anyway.

3) I’ve already had an interest in several areas of science. Microbiology just happened to be the one in my path in life.

4) Not personally, there is usually one to find a bacteria resistant to.

5) That would depend on how you define worst. Most painful? dislocating my shoulder. Most problematic in possibly needing surgery at a later time? I have torn both ACL’s, a usually necessary ligament in your knees. Or head injuries? I’ve had two concussions. Wrestling isn’t just fun and games, there is definite risk to it.

6) I actually already had a background in gymnastics. I was in it for 13 years before I ever started wrestling.

7) Not sure I really have a favorite one.

Q: Anthony Skatz

What elicits a bigger shock: Pro wrestlers finding out you are a scientist or scientists finding out you’re a pro wrestler?

Alternatively, if the WWE comes calling, do you take it at the risk of it interfering with your scientific career?

A: Rachel Collins

Both actually, scientists are just as shocked to hear I’m a wrestler as wrestlers are to hear I’m a scientist.

No way would I ever answer a call to WWE. Nor to TNA for that matter. TNA has already tried, several times. I have too much fun in wrestling to ever go to one of those companies. There they control you, they change your name and look and decide how you will wrestle and when. I like being myself and won’t give it up for TV.