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First "Secret Life" Mother Blogger!

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Today we feature our very first mother blogger, Joan Polete Bryant, the proud mom of Shani Daily. If you’ve seen Shani’s videos, you know what a great influence her mom has always been in her life. Many thanks to Joan for writing this post!

One particular verse in scripture states, “Point your child(ren) in the right direction—when they’re old they won’t be lost” (The Message). This one and other scriptures were my guiding lights in steering Shani throughout her life—even now!

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Shani and her mom (without the PA system!)

Shani demonstrated a particular proclivity for math and science at a very early age. At that point, my thoughts were, “Hey, maybe she’ll grow up to be a doctor.” From that point on , whenever I wanted her attention, I would pretend to be on a PA system in a hospital paging “Dr. Bryant.” I even bought her a medical kit, complete with stethoscope! Now that Shani has earned her doctorate by combining her love for children with her curious nature for taking things apart, I could not be happier. While we are on the subject of her curious nature, I remember once when we hired a magician for her fourth or fifth birthday party. When all of the other children were laughing and clapping about all the magic being performed, Shani was quietly sitting back, watching the magician closely so that she could figure out how he was doing his tricks.

That’s our daughter—and we would not change anything about her! To God be the glory for all she has accomplished!