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Halloween Costume Tips For Secret Scientists

The Secret Life of Scientists and EngineersThe Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers

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Today’s guest blogger is our spook-tacular PBS colleague, Jasmine Bulin.

Halloween is the best day to pretend to be a scientist when for the rest of the year science is your secret life. In my real life I am a New Media Content Editor for , but today I got to dress as Microbiologist and Professional Wrestler, Rachel Collins.

How I Got the Look

All fashionable Microbiologists start with a lab coat found at any nursing supply store. I already had in my closet a green top, black tights, black boots, and green eye shadow. A wrestling belt I found at a toy store and green clip-in hair extensions from my local beauty supply store completed the costume.

Here are some formulas to create other great “Secret Life” costumes:

Joe DeGeorge —Harry Potter-esque attire + toy keyboard (must be able to sing “Felix Felicis”)

Erika Ebbel —lab coat + pageant gown/prom dress/bridesmaid dress + tiara (sash optional)

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Mark Siddall —green button-up collared shirt + khaki pants + pickle jar filled with gummy leeches (gummy bugs or worms are an OK substitute, but you must be willing to eat the gummies as a “culinary adventurer”)

Neil deGrasse Tyson —sport coat + button-up collared shirt + astronomy tie + mustache (must be able to answer complex science questions on demand)

Dava Newman —white full body suit or white long sleeve top and white pants + white gloves + black fabric marker + large deep plastic bowl for her helmet (will require a steady hand to create the intricate lines on her suit with the marker)

Eran Egozy —“Rock Band” controller + glasses + jeans + comfortable shirt (brush up on your “Rock Band” skills in advance)

Can you think of more? Tell us about your ideas in the comments.

And oh yeah, Happy Halloween!