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NOVA's Going to Antarctica, and We Need Your Help!

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NOVA is traveling to Antarctica to meet penguins and we want your penguin questions!

In preparation for our upcoming film, Polar Extremes, NOVA will be sending two reporters to Antarctica this fall to meet with scientists who are studying Adélie penguin colonies! We will be producing several YouTube videos during this trip and would love to give your students an opportunity to ask the scientists questions about penguins. Videos of your students asking their questions might even end up in our penguin video on NOVA’s YouTube channel.

We are accepting videos of students asking their most burning questions about penguins until October 31st, 2018. Here is how to submit your video:

1) Record a short video (no longer than 1 minute) of you stating your name, school, and state followed by your students asking their penguin questions. Students should state their name and the city and state that they’re from before asking their question. Videos from a smartphone are recommended, but please remember to record the video in landscape mode.

2) Each student who appears in the video should have a parent or guardian fill out this appearance release form:

3) Fill out the materials release permission form allowing us to use your footage in NOVA’s video:

4 )Please scan all the signed release forms and title the videos and the release forms with the names of the student in the following format:

+ Video: Penguins_[YOUR LAST NAME]_[STATE]
+ Materials release form: Penguinsmaterials_[YOUR LAST NAME]_[STATE]
+ Student release forms: Penguins_[YOUR LAST NAME]_STUDENT NAME

5) Upload the video, all the release forms, and a Word document with your name, email address, school, and a list of the students in your video to this link:

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Have any questions? Please email Olivia Schmidt

We look forward to hearing your questions!

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