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Ask Caroline Your Questions

ByTom MillerThe Secret Life of Scientists and EngineersThe Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers

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Our teenage astronomer heard your questions, and she answered!

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Q: Lloyd Servis

I, too, when I was in high school experienced the delight of doing for my own enjoyment projects in physics which I had created myself. I thus share in your enthusiasm and genuine delight, which I think can only come when one opens their creative mind, and does something new and never done before. It is thus is with some understanding that I congratulate you for you most incredible accomplishment. Could you be so kind as to explain to all of us how it was that you managed your most amazing accomplishment, of being the first to see this supernova, on I presume a relatively small telescope and budget, which was overlooked by more “sophisticated astronomers” and their far more advanced equipment???

A: Caroline

Well you seen many large observatories have software that looks for the supernovae for them …it can sometimes, but rarely miss certain objects…in my case i have to blink a new and an old picture of one aria of the sky and look for a change…which would be the explosion of a supernova…and i found one that very likely only a very observant eye could see!!!!

Q: Nell

You are an awesome scientist! Its so cool that you are a scientist and you are 15! Also you are a pretty extraordinary singer!

A: Caroline

Thank You so much! keep looking up!!!

Q: Anthony T. Murray

If the Big Bang existed, what did it exist within? I mean, it had a core, right? And it contained all the present matter and energy in the Universe, right? But what was outside of it? If there is an inside there has to be an outside, right? Or am I missing something?
The Irish Inquisitor

A: Caroline

Hmmmmmmmmm….well you have quite a good and interesting question there …but unfortunately I’m only 15 and not quite an astrophysicist yet…let me check with my sources and find you a better answer!!!!!!!

Q: Jessie

What is your favorite star in the UNIVERSE? And why do you like space so much?

A: Caroline

Hmmmm… Well that’s a toughie …I think Betelgeuse….besides all of the really cool science behind it, it’s also an awesome color, and on top of that it’s in my favorite constellation…Orion…. and on top of that Orion has my favorite deep space object…the ORION NEBULA!!!…Well space is just awesome because things are always changing and u never know what ur gona find out next!

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