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Secret Life Snap Shot #2

The Secret Life of Scientists and EngineersThe Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers

When Mollie Woodworth wears her MIT Cheerleading jacket, people often think the jacket is a joke and want to order one. According to Mollie, one interaction went like this: “I was walking over the Harvard Bridge from Boston to MIT—this was when I was an undergrad—and someone tapped me on the shoulder and asked where I’d gotten the jacket. I was pretty flabbergasted—I mean, when you’re within a stone’s throw of MIT, I would think you’d just assume someone was a student. I don’t recall her offering me money for it. It was awhile back, but I think I’d remember an offer of money, because undergrads are frivolous and use money to buy things like shoes, while graduate students just buy food. (The greatest success of my week this week so far has been buying lunch for $2 and eating it in 2 minutes. It was so cheap, and so efficient. Grad student nirvana.)”

Yes, MIT has a cheerleading squad. And Mollie is the squad coach. See more about her jacket in our “The Blood Will Tell” video.

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How much would you pay for this jacket? Really. How much? YOU CAN’T HAVE IT!