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Secret Life Snap Shot #3

The Secret Life of Scientists and EngineersThe Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers

For neuroscientist Mollie Woodworth’s first anniversary, her husband gave her a synthetic replica of a mouse brain that he made himself. Although Mollie says the first anniversary present is supposed to be paper, not brains, she’s more than pleased. “I think it was fantastically romantic,” says Mollie of her husband’s gift. “It was something wonderful that he took a lot of time and effort to design, and that he knew I would love. He used data from an online mouse brain atlas to design the brain in his CAD software, then printed it on a 3D printer. I keep it on the shelf above my desk in the lab, along with my squishy brain, stuffed rabbit, and a card from him that says “You’re my prime mate” with a picture of two monkeys. He and I like to give each other silly presents, clearly.”

Here’s her brain:

Secret Life Snap Shot #3-mouse_brain.jpg
Has your spouse ever given you a 3D model of a mouse brain? We didn’t think so.

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