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Secret Life Snap Shot #8 - #9

The Secret Life of Scientists and EngineersThe Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers

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Biochemist/Professional Wrestler Rachel Collins is known for her trademark green. Apparently it goes back a long way. “I always tried to be different,” Rachel explains. “You can ask a group of people what their favorite color is, and you’ll get a lot of red, blue, black, or purple. Green is one you don’t tend to hear too often.”

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Secret Life Snap Shot #8 - #9-in_green_1983_515.jpg
Ladies and gentlemen… your soul’s tormentor.

Here’s Biochemist/Professional Wrestler Rachel Collins (a.k.a. MsChif) in action in November 2008 in a match for the SHIMMER title against Sara Del Rey. In this picture you’re seeing a “standing moonsault” in mid-move. So what, you might ask, is a “standing moonsault”?

“It’s become a signature move for me,” says Rachel “It’s derived from a back handspring, which you’ll see lots of gymnasts and cheerleaders doing. Though instead of ending the move landing on your feet, you stop the move short to land horizontally across your opponent making them take the impact of your landing.”

No “standing moonsault” for me, thanks.

Secret Life Snap Shot #8 - #9-standing_moonsault-1_515.jpg
Do we even have to say it? Oh, all right. Don’t try this at home, kids!