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Secret Life Snap Shots #20-21

The Secret Life of Scientists and EngineersThe Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers

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When Secret Life star Andre Fenton moved from Guyana to Toronto, he had to learn some new customs, and it wasn’t always easy. After a few hiccups, Andre mastered Halloween. Years later, he and his wife passed the tradition down to their daughter, Zora, and they made sure to get it right. Here’s Andre:

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“The photo below is definitely my second Halloween, so probably October 31, 1975. The first Halloween was a disaster because neither I nor my parents knew what to do. We got crayon-like makeup at the last minute, and I rubbed it on my face and wore a knit shirt as pants. My family didn’t know better. Thankfully we only took some photos inside, and they did not allow me out of the apartment. We had a whole year to make up for the disaster, and so my mother had this costume made. Notice the attention to fine details. By this time, I understood the game and knew to collect loot. My uncle made me the sword. Halloween is now one of my favorite holidays.”

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Shiver me timbers!

“This photo is of our daughter Zora’s first Halloween. We never got around to getting her the costume we were planning, so my wife Lisa stopped at a shopping mall on her way home and bought a pirate’s hat, the essential ingredient for a costume. Halloween day I found myself determined to find a red sash. No daughter of mine was going to be a pirate without a red sash. I found one and got back just before Zora’s bed time, and we dressed her quickly and laughed a lot. I made a tin foil sword, and we laughed even more. I didn’t make the connection to my own early Halloweens until the NOVA interviews when producers Jesse Sweet and Josh Seftel juxtaposed my pirate pictures to Zora’s. I’m not sure exactly why, but it brought tears to my eyes. Hey, at least we got Zora’s first Halloween right. That’s real measurable progress.”

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Shiver me timbers - the sequel. Arghhh, Matey!