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Secret Life Snap Shots #4-6

The Secret Life of Scientists and EngineersThe Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers

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As you probably know by now, psycholinguist Jean Berko Gleason has a thing for driving fast cars quickly. What you might not know is that she has a long history of being photographed with them too.

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This first picture was taken when Jean was a graduate student in the late ’50s, and her proximity to the car has more to do with the way the car looks than with what’s under the hood.

“The car belonged to a friend,” says Jean. “And I think we took the
picture just because it looked good. I am not a Volkswagen fan, never
owned one, and wouldn’t want one. I could never understand what
people saw in an underpowered little car with no heat. Sorry. I
really don’t like them. But I do usually take pictures of myself with

my cars, and, as you see, with other people’s as well.”

Following the Volkswagen photo (and after the cut), we present a collage of Jean with some of the cars she did actually like over the years.

Secret Life Snap Shots #4-6-jean-josh_1.jpg
Jean and the Volkswagen look good, but there was no love between them.
Now, more than ever, it makes sense that Jean's favorite language is Sand-skrit.

We felt compelled to ask Jean about this photo of herself that we came across while doing research.

Says Jean: “My friends and I in graduate school (late 50’s) went up to Crane Beach in Ipswich, Mass., to have some fun. So they buried me and we took pictures of my head looking chopped off, as you see. Actually, you get a new perspective on yourself when you see your disembodied head like that. The friends all got their degrees and went on to distinguished careers.”

Secret Life Snap Shots #4-6-jean_on_the_beach.jpg