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Staff Picks - October 26th, 2012

The Secret Life of Scientists and EngineersThe Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers

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Freshly picked staff favorites for your weekend enjoyment. Adjust your Halloween plans accordingly.

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Science Friday: Geek My Pumpkin

The story of one luxury Jack-O-Lantern, created by professional illustrators, from conception through execution.

A robot named Charli dances to Gangnam style. We don’t really feel the need to explain ourselves for sharing this gem.

Staff Picks - October 26th, 2012-jack-o-lantern_.jpg

Radio Lab: The Power Of Coffee Is Not In The Cup

Coffee rings. If you’re as staunchly anti-coaster as we are, they are a part of life. And they always seem to take on that same distinctive arch. Why is that? It’s a long, beautiful physics story, you guys…

Radio Lab: Seeing In The Dark

A powerful conversation between two blind men – one who visualizes the world as much as he can, and another who refuses to picture anything at all.

Inside NOVA – Great Stories On The Cutting Room Floor

After developing a rare form of dementia, this scientist began to uncontrollably produce massive amounts of art. As her dementia progressed, her artistic ability flourished. A fascinating exploration of neurological damage as a window into the artist’s imagination.