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Shofar So Good

The Secret Life of Scientists and EngineersThe Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers

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Like most things that are worthwhile, playing the shofar takes a lot of patience and practice. In the Jewish faith, being a shofar sounder is an incredible honor.

It is your job as the Ba’al T’qiah (which awesomely translates to “Master of the Blast”) to usher in the high holidays, particularly Rosh Hashanah, when the sound literally announces the commencement of the new year. Even in our small studio, the shofar produced an incredibly powerful sound that must be even more all encompassing when blown in a house of worship. However, this full, beautiful sound that Dr Zon produced doesn’t come easily, as evidenced by my rather, er, pitiful attempts to copy his trumpeting. Check out the video in the player above and see for yourself.

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