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Staff Picks - December 7th, 2012

The Secret Life of Scientists and EngineersThe Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers

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In case you didn’t have the time to meticulously scan the public broadcasting space for the best science stories this week, we’ve gathered them all in one place for you.

Happy Friday, you guys.

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NPR: Hours After A Meal, It’s The Memory That Matters

Keep holy the lunch hour. Eating while distracted can rob you of precious food memories that impact your food decisions later in the day. So turn off the computer at lunch, and honor thy meatball sub.

Staff Picks - December 7th, 2012-burger.jpg
A Cheeseburger Worth Remembering

NOVA: Engineering Extra Senses

Sorry, nature. Five senses just won’t do.

Science Friday: No Joke – Why Even Tragedy Gets A Laugh

“I just can’t help it,” said the man laughing uncontrollably at a funeral. It turns out, he’s right. In this piece, a neuroscientist explains how we can’t help but to laugh at the sad stuff.

inside NOVA: The Secret Social Life Inside NOVA: Science Cafes

Classrooms aren’t the only place to talk science.

Radio Lab – Krulwich Wonders: The Rubik’s Cube That Isn’t

Wait – what?! You’ll want to watch this chin scratcher more than once.

NPR Science: Perfection is Skin Deep: Everyone Has Flawed Genes

Science confirms the common suspicion that no one is indeed perfect.

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