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Staff Picks - May 3rd, 2013

The Secret Life of Scientists and EngineersThe Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers

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The smallest movie ever made, how our brains imagine words, and what’s going on in the brain of a baby. These stories and more in this week’s staff picks for the best science reporting in the public broadcasting space.

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NPR’s Ted Radio Hour: What Do Babies Think?

They think a lot. No more cursing around the baby.

Radio Lab: A Movie Made from Atoms

It’s called “A Boy And His Atom.” It’s about a boy and his atom. The boy’s name is Adam (of course).

Staff Picks - May 3rd, 2013-screen_shot_2013-05-03_at_11.49.55_am.png
Adam and his atom in “A Boy And His Atom.”

Science Friday: Is Cooking Baked Into Our Biology?

Is cooking what separates us from the apes? Michael Pollan thinks so. Check out this excerpt from his new book, in which he argues that cooking civilized mankind.

NPR Science: Imagine A Flying Pig: How Words Take Shape In The Brain

Imagine a flying pig. Does he wear a cape or have wings? NPR Science explores how our senses help us to form images for words.

Staff Picks - May 3rd, 2013-mudd_klawe_toned_custom-573d5086c38ae104720db8460117fd7dd7f5c366-s2.jpg
Maria Klawe and her skateboard.

NPR’s All Things Considered: How One College Is Closing The Computer Science Gender Gap

Oh look! Our beloved Maria Klawe on her skateboard, closing the gender gap in science one student at a time.

NOVA: The Limits of Facial Recognition

Why the human mind is better than a computer at picking a face out of a crowd.