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Staff Picks - March 22nd, 2013

The Secret Life of Scientists and EngineersThe Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers

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Have a crazy week? Here are some science stories to soothe your soul.

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NPR Science: Where do Mental Illness And Creativity Meet?

Can mental illness be reframed as a positive? Bipolar comedian and educator Joshua Walters talks about the thin line between mental illness and mental “skillness.”

Science Friday: Tiny Dancers Show Rhythm’s Root

Finally, hard proof that babies do not dance as well as birds. The evidence is all kinds of cute.

Staff Picks - March 22nd, 2013-stress_ball.jpg
This week, Radio Lab explored the science of stress. Photo Credit: (bottled_void/flickr/CC-BY-2.0)

NOVA: Clothing from Slime?
Will we wear slime one day? We defer to Sabine Seymour .

NPR Science: Dunking Science: Do Cookies Really Taste Better Dipped In Tea?

An objective study reveals that hot water releases a cookie’s flavor more quickly in your mouth, silencing critics of the dunk.

Radio Lab: Stress

Having a Type A, stress-prone personality can be worse for you than smoking, but it can also save you should a lion attack. Radio Lab takes a deeper look at the ups and downs of stress.