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[Teacher Tips] Global Awareness

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I am the advisor for our school’s Global Awareness Club. In an elementary school, this means that we get to the basics of what Global Awareness means. We learn about Climate Change; we learn about disasters around the world; and we learn about people in other countries. The goal is to help children understand that we live in one world and need to take care of each other.

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Katharine Hayhoe , Evangelical Climate Scientist, gets right to the heart of this idea. She clearly explains how her science can help us to find ways to help “our global neighbors, the poor and disadvantaged, the people who do not have the resources to adapt.” We need to stop being so concerned about ourselves and start thinking about everyone. “The magnitude of future changes depend on the choices that we make now and in the next decade.”

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: words to live by.

As an educator, I strongly feel it is my duty to help my students, living in a privileged area, with unlimited food and water, sanitation, and shelter, understand their responsibility in the world. This video of Katharine’s can be extremely beneficial in assisting me to teach my students that changes they make in how they live and use energy, can and will affect children across the world. By taking shorter showers, walking to their friend’s house, riding their bikes to school, and turning off lights when they are not using them, they can be helpful. They might not be old enough to make big changes, such as choosing an electric car, buying and using solar panels, or opting for wind energy, but they can do their part.

Children need to know that they have power now. So that, in 10 years, they will have no problems making those tough decisions we have such difficulty making now. They are our future and we need them to create an amazing world for us all. Thank you, Katharine, for speaking so clearly and honestly, bringing our children this powerful message.