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The Art Behind The Scientist

ByTom MillerThe Secret Life of Scientists and EngineersThe Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers

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We don’t usually highlight your comments in our blog posts, but we definitely wanted to call your attention to this one from Sally Grubb of Ithaca, New York:

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“I saw this website and Rich’s page and was bowled away by his photography. As the co-ordinator of exhibits at the Tompkins County Public Library in Ithaca where Rich lives and works at Cornell University, I wanted to exhibit Rich’s photographs.

The Art Behind The Scientist-rr_-_dad_and_me2.jpg
Rich’s award-winning photo “Dad and Me”

“Because of your website and Rich’s photographs, TCPL has started a new series ‘The Art Behind the Scientist.’ The series will include the work of scientists who are also artists. They will exhibit their work and present a talk or workshop about it. So far, we have exhibited the sculpture of Professor Frank Moon, and will feature the photography of Rich Robinson this month and throughout the month of June. His photographs will appear between the bookstacks. He will give a talk about his art and his science on Saturday May 22nd at 3 pm. Future exhibits include the kinetic sculpture of physics Professor Werner Sun.

“Thank you Richie for being the catalyst for what is proving to be a wonderful series of exhibits. Thank you NOVA for ‘The Secret Life of Scientists’! Check out our website for more information at Tompkins County Public Library.”

Clearly, Rich’s photography is no longer a secret. If you’re in the Ithaca area or nearby, we encourage you to check out his very cool exhibit. And many thanks to Sally Grubb for making it happen and for her kind words, too.