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Secret Lifer Revisited: Smart Phones? Think Smart Walls, says Michio Kaku

Between solving physics equations, writing hit books, and figure skating, Secret Lifer Michio Kaku doesn’t have time to sit around and stare at the wall. But if he did, the wall staring back might be a heck of a lot more interesting than you imagine.

Kaku recently delivered the keynote speech at Supercomputing 2012 (SC12) in Salt Lake City, where he described endless possibilities of a future where mass-produced computer chips cost close to a penny, and walls are “smart.” HPC Wire explains, “As computer chips are imprinted onto almost everything, from walls to paper, to clothing, to contact lenses, the entire world becomes, in essence, one large, networked computer.”

Michio Kaku talks high-tech, requests high-five.

Kaku’s speech described the many implications of computer chip ubiquity, including an increasingly automated society. To those interpreting such automation as robot world takeover, Michio assuages, “You can mass-produce hardware, you cannot mass-produce software—you cannot mass-produce the human mind.”

Read HPC Wire’s coverage of SC12 here or watch the video of his speech.

And be sure to check out Michio’s homepage here!

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Caitlin Shure

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