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Sir Patrick Moore: Remembering A Star That Shines On

Patrick Moore was a friend to the stars—both the ones on earth and those way out in the cosmos. As an astronomer, Moore created a detailed catalog of deep-sky objects; and as an eccentric television personality and author, he brushed shoulders with international icons of science and pop culture alike.

Moore hosted The Sky at Night on the BBC for 55 years, and interviewed the worlds most prominent astronauts and astronomers, including Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong, and Carl Sagan. When he wasn’t chatting with these space greats, Moore hung out with celebs like Queen guitarist (and Secret Life celebrity scientist) Brian May. The two co-authored a book called Bang! The Complete History of the Universe, and May appeared on Sky at Night on several occasions.

Moore dons his signature monocle—think of it as a mini-telescope for the face.

Even next to rockers and glowing nebulae, Moore managed to shine. The New York Times describes, “With his trademark monocle, frumpy suits and penchant for playing the xylophone, Mr. Moore, who was knighted in 2001, was known as much for his outsize personality as his scientific work.” Illuminating audiences through contributions in science and television, Moore was truly a star.

Read Moore’s Times obituary here.

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Caitlin Shure

    Caitlin is a contributor to the Secret Life blog. She is also a student at Columbia Journalism School, completing her master’s degree in science journalism. Caitlin does not love all science equally; favorite topics of rumination include neuroscience, genetics, and evolutionary theory. Caitlin draws inspiration from James Watson and Rupaul Andre Charles.