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Welcome Kate Sweeny and “Hayal”!

Click here for Kate’s profile.

In the storied annals of “Secret Life,” I believe we’ve only had one previous profilee who had more than one name. That, of course, was Rachel Collins, aka “MsChif” in her professional wrestling persona. Today we introduce Kate Sweeny and she doubles the fun. By day, a social psychologist whose research focuses on how we deal with waiting for potentially bad news, Kate makes a rather extravagant costume change after work to become “Hayal,” a belly dancer with more sequins than there are stars in the sky.

ANSUYA~ Evening Show "Raised by Wolves," Los Angeles 2013/08/09
Hayal in full swing

Here’s our haiku for our newest multi-monikered (and sparkly) friend.

Why so hard to wait?
The unknown can be scary
Let’s all belly dance!

We hope you enjoy Kate… and Hayal. And if you have any questions (for either of them), please ask them in the comments.

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Tom Miller

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