Dance / Psychology

Kate Sweeny

“Bend your knees and shake it!”


Kate Sweeny studies how we manage stressful waiting periods, like waiting for medical results or finding out whether or not we got a job.


In her off hours, Kate doffs her lab coat, puts on some glitter and fake eyelashes and becomes “Hayal,” the belly dancer.

30 Seconds on Waiting

We give social psychologist Kate Sweeny 30 seconds to give us a tip on dealing with stressful waiting periods and she says "fuhgeddaboudit."

Shake Off Your Anxiety

Social Psychologist Kate Sweeny studies how we wait for potentially bad news, but she never waits for "Hayal."

Waiting Is The Hardest Part

Kate Sweeny watches her (and your) wait.

30 Seconds on Belly Dancing

We give Kate Sweeny 30 seconds to describe belly dancing and she tells us to "shake everything we've got."

Becoming Another Person

Being one person isn’t good enough for Social Psychologist Kate Sweeny. She needs to be two.

About Kate Sweeny

Kate Sweeny is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of California Riverside. She studies threat management in everyday life – how we wait for potentially bad news. By night and on the weekends, Kate pursues her passion for belly dancing. She’s been “shaking it” now for more than a decade.”