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Matt Denton

“I don’t exactly know why it is that everyone finds BB-8 so cute and lovable.”


Matt has used his studies of electronics and computer engineering to build a stellar career as the animatronics and robotics wizard behind some of the biggest movie blockbusters of all time.


It’s not exactly a secret, but Matt’s the guy who brings the plucky robot BB-8 to life in the movies and on the red carpet. Oh, and Matt’s working on the next Star Wars too… but he couldn’t tell us anything about it ahead of release… because then he would have had to kill us.

BB-8: A Star Wars Droid’s Seven Secrets

If a cat is supposed to have nine lives, Matt Denton explains, BB-8 has at least seven... and counting.

An Amazing Journey…to a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Matt Denton uses his electronics expertise to engineer a bit of work with Harry Potter and a cute little robot named BB-8.

Cinema 101: The Uses of Deodorant

Matt Denton stays dry and smells fine with deodorant in his toolkit of cinematic wizardry.

How to Make a Lovable Robot

Matt Denton makes BB-8 so lovable that they both wind up on the red carpet.

About Matt Denton

Matt Denton is an electronics and software engineer who caught the movie bug as a young boy. He has since turned his love for movies, magic and engineering into a lifetime of bringing inanimate objects to life on the silver screen. Matt has worked with Jim Henson’s Creature Shop and on several semi-popular films that you may have heard of including Star Wars, Harry Potter and Prometheus.