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Paul Frommer

“Every language is a unique window on the world.”


Paul Frommer is a linguist who speaks more languages than the U.N.


Paul is the creator of the Na’vi Language used by the cool blue people in James Cameron’s “Avatar.”

Creating a Language

Paul tells us how he came to be the linguist chosen by James Cameron to create the Na'vi language.

30 Seconds with Paul Frommer

We give Paul Frommer 30 seconds to explain his science, and he uses language to talk about language.

10 Questions for Paul Frommer

What was the strangest request Paul Frommer received from James Cameron on the set of Avatar?

A Haiku with Paul Frommer

Paul Frommer reads us a haiku written by a master of the Na’vi language, the result of a contest among Na’vi enthusiasts.

About Paul Frommer

Paul Frommer is a linguist and professor at the University of Southern California. Away from the classroom, Paul created the language – Na’vi – that is used in the most popular movie in the history of forever, James Cameron’s “Avatar.”