Health Science / Music

Len Zon

“We have red fish. We have green fish. We have blue fish.”


Len Zon is a cancer researcher who uses zebrafish to learn how to treat cancer in humans.


Len plays the shofar, a ram’s horn that is often used in synagogue on the Jewish high holidays.

Fishing for Science

Len Zon goes all Dr. Seuss and studies zebrafish to find treatments for cancer.

The Longest Note

Len Zon brings people happiness by blowing into a ram's horn.

30 Second Science with Len Zon

We give Len Zon 30 seconds to describe his science and he uses the phrase "completely transparent."

10 Questions for Len Zon

We ask Len Zon 10 questions and he tells us he's got 150,000 fish.

About Len Zon

Len is a cancer researcher at Harvard Medical School and a practicing oncologist at Children’s Hospital in Boston.