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Myron Rolle

“I played football, but I didn’t want to be categorized as just a jock.”


Myron Rolle is a medical student whose future specialty is neurosurgery.


Coming out of high school, Myron was the #1 football prospect in the entire U.S. He played football at Florida State University and in the NFL.

Rolle with It

Football star and medical student Myron Rolle may not be a rich man, but he sure sings like one.

30 Seconds on Being a Medical Student

We give Myron Rolle 30 seconds to talk about being a medical student and he finishes the process shaken and stunned.

The Road to Rhodes and Back Again

Myron Rolle lands a Rhodes Scholarship and helps Florida State's football team win an important game... on the same day.

“Football Gave Me a Platform”

Myron Rolle uses his platform as an ex-NFL player to create a foundation to promote good health for children.

About Myron Rolle

Myron Rolle is a first-year medical student at the Florida State University College of Medicine. He was also a Rhodes Scholar and got his Master’s in Medical Anthropology at Oxford. In his off hours, Myron somehow managed to become a star football player at Florida State and then a professional player in the NFL.