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Dava Newman

“I’ve always been a little bit of an explorer.”


 Dava Newman is an aerospace engineer who designs spacesuits that help astronauts to bend and stretch – and reach for the stars.


 Dava is a sailor. When she was sailing around the world, Dava spotted a pod of a hundred dolphins.

Space Fashion

Dava Newman designs the coolest-looking spacesuit ever.

By Sea or Space

Dava Newman sails around the world to satisfy her lifelong jones for exploration.

30 Second Science with Dava Newman

We give Dava Newman 30 seconds to describe her science, and she wishes we gave her more.

10 Questions for Dava Newman

We ask Dava Newman 10 questions and learn that she loves Stanley Kubrick, but not flags.

About Dava Newman

Dava is an Aeronautics and Engineering Professor at MIT. She is currently working with NASA to develop a new, more efficient spacesuit for future space exploration.