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Sabine Seymour

“I make garments go fly.”


Sabine Seymour is a fashion technologist who makes clothes with amazing digital capabilities.


Sabine loves to snowboard “out of bounds.”

Out of Bounds

What happens when New York’s Silicon Alley merges with the Fashion District? You get visionary Sabine Seymour.

30 Second Science with Sabine Seymour

In her off-hours, Sabine loves to go "out of bounds" snowboarding.

10 Questions for Sabine Seymour

Important science question: is Lady Gaga a fashion visionary or a walking faux pas? Find out what our Secret Life fashion guru Sabine Seymour has to say on this matter.

About Sabine Seymour

Sabine Seymour is the Director of the Fashionable Technology Lab at Parsons The New School for Design and Assistant Professor in Fashionable Technology. She also runs a company, Moondial, where she puts her ideas about fashionable technology into action. In her off-hours, Sabine loves to go “out of bounds” snowboarding.