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The tsunami wasn't in Bali. The tsunami was in Sumatra.

There are few things you should check when buying an energy meter. One is battery life, second is accuracy, and third is the brand.

Love the concept some nice footage in there as well but if your going to do this do it properly at least release the footage at a descent size 384x216 is pathetic and handicaps anyone from doing anything really interesting with your footage other than putting it back on to the net the whole point of cc is that people take your content and then use it in ways that you don't expect you have handicapped and limited the success of your own project by not sharing in a full way.

Great concept and execution, saves energy too !

you have an ugly website

HA! ABC, FOX, CBS and basically no other network does this. Thanks you Public Brodcasting. When it's time to renew the your government grant, be sure to show them this.

This is great! This is the first time I have seen a what amounts to a remix project for video. I am in the process of downloading clips now and am looking forward to cutting my own version of the show.

I thought the care of the future film was pretty good. The different technologies were all profiled pretty decently with some very basic discussion of the various pros and cons of each. My only "critique" is that it came off more of just a survey of what was being developed but with no real analysis of each of the technologies. There was no discussion of what the producers thought was the best technology or the best approach to go with. I would have loved to have seen a more in-depth analysis of the various technologies, discussing their strengths and shortcomings such as carbon impact, infrastructure, energy sources, technical viability, etc.

That aside, this is a great experiment and I really hope that you decide to do more of this. My one request is that next time, please provide higher-quality video. These MPEG-4 clips are a bit small and rather heavily compressed.



So Congratulations to PBS and Nova, for staying on the Human side of the human race, and openly sharing their products, property, and information to us all, and which may ultimately benefit each and every one of us some day !

I just saw the documentary on PBS just last night and now you've released all this wonderful footage.


We are in the business of converting automobiles from gasoline/diesel to all electric and are working on creating content for our site and for shows and so on. Now, with attribution to you and your efforts, we have content that will help us to teach, inform and make the case for alternatively fueled, personal transportation..

Then, I must also appreciate you for releasing this material under a CC license as you have. The CC licensing programs are really helping to open up ideas and knowledge in ways that were probably never imagined, and that's a Good Thing!

Again, Thank YOU!

This is an important contribution to the imperative for action on global warming, catching the ugency of the need for dramatic action. Beyond that lies the international need to cure our dependence on oil.

The quest for a new energy source other than fossil fuels is a linked process going from primary energy sources to user/driver attitudes, with the vehicle in the middle of that chain. All the links in this chain need work. I am most pleased to see some of the work that has taken place and look forward to the results of the vision and interest diplayed in this engaging presentation, thanks to Tom and Ray and their interviewees.

The Alachua County (Florida) Energy Conservation Strategies Commission, a special task force appointed by the County Commission, is working diligently to develop some of the thought and infrastructure links that fit with the vehicle component. Our Commission's Locally Applicable Alternative Energy Subcommittee and other subcommittes are looking at such options as changes in zoning, building construction codes, the development of solar power facilities on both sides of the electric meter, and other ways that Alachua County can foster energy conservation in buildings, transportation, and governmental infrastruture.

The biggest problem my colleagues and I see is the lack of awareness of the depth of the problem we face in the environmental and econmics areas by the majority of the population of our country. The parallel has been made that we are like those on the beach in Bali when the tide seemed unusually low, just before the tsunami became visible, at which point escape was not possible. The time for major, national-scale action is now, and even this may turn out to be a rear-guard effort. We need concerted national leadership on this issue now.

Kudos and Congratulations to PBS and Nova for sharing their wealth of information in this way, and for allowing everyone else to share as well !
Way back when, in a time not so far away, we all used to share what we knew. We would share information on what we thought made our children get sick. We would share what we knew about building shelter, and heating it. We would share what we knew about food, the best places to hunt, which crops grew best in which soil, and how best to store any food for the long winter ahead. We would share our stories, songs and music, hopes and dreams around campfires, in the town squares, when we'd meet at the saloons, diners, and markets. We would share for the benefit of all, for a better world, and a better mankind.
In the last 50 years or so, however, people, companies, and Americans especially, have become so isolated and secretive so as to stop the sharing of goods, advice, help, and knowledge.
The Government and Companies are the worst, everything is so secretive, one cannot even get a job in America anymore without having to sign a "confidentiality agreement" as a condition of employment, because heaven forbid if word should get out about how to improve mankinds lot. Heck, my current employer now requires all employees to sign such an agreement each and every year ! I suppose that is lest we forget that the truck axles we are building belong only to the company so only they can make trucks safer, and only they can make their billions, and heck, maybe building a truck axle is a national security secret now.
So Congratulations to PBS and Nova, for staying on the Human side of the human race, and openly sharing their products, property, and information to us all, and which may ultimately benefit each and every one of us some day !