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Welcome to the companion site for the NOVA program "Crocodiles!," originally broadcast on April 28, 1998. The program, hosted by Sir David Attenborough, takes an up-close and personal look at the crocodile, a remarkable species that has survived virtually unchanged since the age of the dinosaurs. Here's what you'll find online.
  • Outlasting the Dinosaurs
    In this "all about crocs" interview with Dr. James Perran Ross, a croc researcher at the Florida Museum of Natural History and coordinator of the Crocodile Specialist Group, learn why these stalwart survivors have outlived the dinosaurs by some 65 million years.

  • Who's Who of Crocodilians
    Find out anything and everything you've always wanted to know about the 23 species of crocodilians in this clickable map.

  • Wrestling with Crocs
    Dr. Alison Leslie, a crocodile researcher at the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa, reveals the most intense aspects of capturing giant, squirming, scaly, and hungry crocodiles for her work.

  • The Clickable Croc (Hot Science)
    Here's a croc you can reach out and touch. Click on the croc to learn more about what makes this amazing reptile tick.
Plus Resources and a Teacher's Guide.

Photo: (adult croc) © Joe McDonald/Visuals Unlimited; (baby croc) Crocodile Specialist Group

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