Stanford University

Stanford University
Robot: "Stanley"
Body: VW Touareg

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Affiliations: Stanford University, Volkswagen

Hometown: Palo Alto, CA

Leaders: Prof. Sebastian Thrun, Michael Montemerlo

Team size: 60

Budget: ~$500,000 on Stanford's end

Key technologies: Adaptive vision software; five laser range finders (lidar); one video camera; radar. The key innovation was in the software: artificial intelligence software enabled Stanley to learn from human drivers, and to learn from experience during the race.

Biggest challenge(s): Time (new Team, didn't enter first Grand Challenge). Also, making Stanley smart enough that it could drive hundreds of miles without any flaws was a substantial software challenge.

Race results: 1st Place (finished course in 6:54)

What they're up to now: Developing robotic car to drive itself from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

Where the vehicle is now: Was on world tour; the final place is currently being discussed and no decision has been made