What on Earth Made This?

  • By Susan K. Lewis
  • Posted 09.20.05
  • NOVA

The Devil's Postpile. The Old Man of the Mountain. These and other geological formations look so astounding that simple, more scientific names just won't do. Yet many of the world's most unique and awe-inspiring wonders were forged by common geological processes. In this quiz, test your hunches about the earthly forces that made eight supernatural-looking structures.

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In this geology quiz, test your knowledge of forces that shape beautiful and bizarre natural formations on our planet.

This feature originally appeared on the site for the NOVA program Mystery of the Megaflood.


Special Thanks

Hilde L. Schwartz, UC Santa Cruz


(Delicate Arch-summer)
© Renee Keith/iStockphoto
(Delicate Arch-winter)
Courtesy National Park Service
(Devil's Postpile)
Courtesy of Caltech
(Barringer Crater)
Courtesy National Geophysical Data Center
Courtesy GeoMuseum
© Mark Alan Wilson
(Pumpkin Patch)
Courtesy Jim Bremner/Digital West Media, Inc.
(karst pillars)
© Corbis Images
(Old Man of the Mountain before collapse)
Courtesy of Dartmouth College
(Old Man of the Mountain after collapse)
Courtesy Mark Bolton/Union Leader

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