Lightning Varieties

  • By Peter Tyson
  • Posted 10.01.05
  • NOVA scienceNOW

The array of lightning types is almost as dizzying as a good lightning storm. Beyond the familiar cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-ground strokes, our world knows volcanic lightning and nuclear lightning, blue jets and red sprites, and other types even more fanciful, as this slide show reveals.

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Your average jagged bolt is just one kind. There are also balls and elves, blue jets and red sprites, and more.



(cloud-to-ground lightning)
Courtesy NOAA
(cloud discharge, ball lightning)
(blue jet)
Courtesy Patricia Huett
(red sprite)
Courtesy D. D. Sentman, University of Alaska
(elves diagram)
Courtesy Walt Lyons
(volcanic lightning)
Courtesy Sakurajima Volcano Observatory
(atomic lightning)
Courtesy U.S. Atomic Energy Commission
(triggered lightning)
Courtesy University of Florida Lightning Research Group

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