Rate Tornado Damage

  • By Lexi Krock
  • Posted 03.30.04
  • NOVA

To judge a tornado's force after it strikes, the U.S. National Weather Service uses a rating system it adopted in 1973 called the Fujita Scale. Devised by meteorologist Theodore Fujita in 1970, the F-scale enables experts to estimate a tornado's maximum wind speed in relation to the single most destructive thing it did. In this interactive, use the F-scale to examine and rate the destruction caused by several recent tornadoes.

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Use the Fujita Scale of tornado intensity to assess the level of destruction left in the wake of actual tornadoes.



(Newcastle, Bridge Creek, Oklahoma City, Nashville)
© Tim Marshall
(Pierce City, Arlington)
© Reuters/Corbis
(Oklahoma City F4)
© Corbis Sygma

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