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What Darwin Never Knew
Introduce the Program & Topics
For hundreds of years, scientists have been trying to understand the mysterious process that has given rise to such astounding diversity within species. Explore the progress that's been made in determining why species adapt and change.
What Darwin Never Knew (Video)
Hear how the study of DNA has taken our understanding of how creatures evolve and develop to a level that Darwin could never have dreamed of. (Chapter 6, 8:08 min.)

Ten Great Advances in Evolution (Article)
Read about 10 significant recent advances in evolution studies.

A Brief History of Life (Interactive)
Explore 4.5 billion years of life on Earth, from the earliest bacteria to the first modern humans.

Genetic Tool Kit (Video)
Understand how one set of genes, shared by almost all animals, makes myriad life forms possible. (4:47 min.)