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Tangled Up in Teleportation

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  • Posted 02.16.12
  • NOVA

Do you ever wish you could be teleported to a faraway place? In this video excerpt from NOVA’s "The Fabric of the Cosmos: Quantum Leap", host and theoretical physicist Brian Greene explores how the concept of quantum entanglement could be used to do just that. Watch as he illustrates being teleported between two theoretical particle chambers in New York and Paris. He explains how, in theory, the quantum state of all his particles can be reconstructed, allowing him to re-emerge in a new location.

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NOVA Tangled Up in Teleportation
  • Media Type: Video
  • Running Time: 2m 07s
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  • Level: Grades 9-12

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This media asset was adapted from NOVA's "The Fabric of the Cosmos: Quantum Leap".

Questions for Discussion

    • What are the different kinds of particles that make you up?
    • What does the word "quantum" mean?
    • What does a quantum physicist study?
    • What would you need to build a teleportation machine? How would it work?

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