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Anastasia -- Dead or Alive
Learn about the massacre of Czar Nicholas and his family, and delve into the mystery surrounding Princess Anastasia Romanov. 1hr.

Boldest Hoax, The
Learn about the Piltdown forgery, the people who may have been involved, and the potential reasons for the hoax. 1 hr.

Bombing of America, The
Forensic scientists search for clues hidden within the chaos of crime scenes to help law enforcement find the Unabomber. 1 hr.

Building on Ground Zero
Find out what can be learned from the World Trade Center disaster. 1 hr.

Crash of Flight 111
Go behind the scenes to learn the details of one of the most exhaustive investigations in aviation history -- the inquiry into the crash of Swissair flight 111. 1 hr.

Deadliest Plane Crash, The
Discover what can be learned from the worst aviation accident in history -- the 1977 crash on the Spanish island of Tenerife that killed 583 people. 1 hr.

Everest -- The Mystery of Mallory and Irvine
Relive George Mallory's climb and the enduring mystery surrounding his disappearance atop the Mt. Everest. 1 hr.

Great Inca Rebellion, The
Learn about skeletal evidence that reveals a new story of the Spanish conquest of the Inca and rewrites the history laid down by the Spanish conquistadors. 1 hr.

Holocaust on Trial
A trial in London's High Court examines evidence from Auschwitz to successfully challenge the claims of Holocaust "deniers." 1 hr.

Hunt for the Serial Arsonist
Join fire sleuths as they unravel the mysterious source of a series of 1991 store fires in Los Angeles, California. 1 hr.

Kidnapped by UFOs?
Carl Sagan and other scientists investigate claims that people have been visited or abducted by aliens. 1 hr.

Killer's Trail, The
Forensic scientists revisit the infamous Sheppard murder case of the 1950s in search of the true killer. 1 hr.

Last Flight of Bomber 31
Join forensic scientists who set out to discover what happened to seven American airmen whose plane crashed on Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula during World War II. 1 hr.

Lost on Everest
See footage of the discovery of climber George Mallory's body on Mt. Everest and learn clues about his final hours. 1 hr.

Mummy Who Would Be King, The
Follow scientists who seek to reveal the hidden identity of a mummy -- possibly a pharaoh -- that lay neglected for decades in a Niagara Falls museum. 1 hr.

Mysterious Crash of Flight 201
Track the investigation of a mysterious jetliner crash in Panama. 1 hr.

Perfect Corpse, The
Follow scientists who seek to learn about the lives and deaths of two ancient bodies discovered in European bogs. 1 hr.

Secrets of the Psychics
Join magician James "The Amazing" Randi as he tests the claims of mind readers, fortune tellers, faith healers, and others with purported paranormal powers. 1 hr.

The mysterious 1947 disappearance of an airplane high in the Andes en route from Argentina to Chile is finally resolved. 1 hr.

Viking Deception, The
Consider the evidence supporting and refuting the authenticity of the Vinland Map, a document purported to show that the Vikings discovered the New World. 1 hr.

Wanted -- Butch and Sundance
Go with forensic sleuth Clyde Snow and other experts to Bolivia in search of the remains of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. 1 hr.

Who Killed the Red Baron?
Explore the mystery of who killed the Red Baron and learn about innovations in aircraft development during World War I. 1 hr.

Why the Towers Fell
Forensic engineers investigate the collapse of the World Trade Center. 1 hr.

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