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America's Stone Age Explorers
In "The Hunt for mtDNA," students learn how mitochondrial DNA is inherited. Grades 6-8, 9-12.

Anastasia -- Dead or Alive
In "Whose Ear Is It?," students use observation skills to identify a mystery student's ear. Grades 6-8, 9-12.

Boldest Hoax, The
In "The Great Piltdown Forgery," students learn about the Piltdown hoax and who may have been involved. Grades 6-8, 9-12.

Buried in Ash
In "What Happened Here?," students interpret animal track patterns to describe what might have happened at a fictitious forest site. Grades 6-8.

Crash of Flight 111
In "Piecing It All Together," learn about the techniques and reasoning used to determine the cause of the 1998 crash of Swissair Flight 111. Grades 6-8, 9-12.

Deadliest Plane Crash, The
In "Thinking Things Through," students examine the contributing role of each event that led to the 1977 crash on Tenerife in the Canary Islands. Grades 9-12.

Great Inca Rebellion, The
In ""The Tale Bones Tell," students analyze actual data from two prehistoric communities--a hunting community and an agricultural community--to infer the impacts of diet on health. Grades 6-8, 9-12.

Hunt for the Serial Arsonist
In "At Your Fingerprints," students prepare, study, and graph fingerprint patterns. Grades 6-8, 9-12.

Ice Mummies -- Frozen in Heaven
In "I Can Dig It!," students analyze and interpret information in order to locate an actual archaeological site. Grades 6-8.

Ice Mummies -- Frozen in Heaven
In "This Is Rotten," students investigate the rate of microbial growth at different temperatures. Grades 6-8.

Kidnapped by UFOs?
In "Do You Remember?," students are asked to recall what occurs after two people enter class unannounced, exchange dialogue, and leave. Grades 6-8, 9-12.

Last Flight of Bomber 31
In "The Hunt for mtDNA," students identify which family members share the same mitochondrial DNA. Grades 6-8, 9-12.

Lost Tribes of Israel
In "Did the Dog Do It?," students explore the issues involved with using DNA evidence in a courtroom trial. Grades 6-8, 9-12.

NOVA Quiz, The
In "Accuracy of Observation," students try to sort out fact from fiction in two illustrations of everyday life. Grades 3-5, 6-8.

In "What Happened to Stardust?," students trace how a hypothesis develops based on new evidence. Grades 6-8.

Wanted -- Butch and Sundance
In "Identifying the Skeletons," students analyze bone specimen illustrations and correlate the person to whom they may have belonged. Grades 6-8, 9-12.

Who Killed the Red Baron?
In "Who Made the Mess?" students analyze a kitchen scene to learn how to apply deductive thinking to evaluate evidence and draw conclusions. Grades 3-5, 6-8.

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