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Outsmarting Oobleck

  • Teacher Resource
  • Posted 01.12.12
  • NOVA

In this video excerpt from NOVA's "Making Stuff: Smarter", host and New York Times technology columnist David Pogue learns about the interesting behavior of some fluids with strange flow properties. Watch as he tries to run across a pool filled with Oobleck, a mixture of cornstarch and water that drastically changes its viscosity depending on how hard it is compressed. In a related activity, students mix their own batch of this "smart" material in order to explore its behavior and learn how Oobleck's strange properties are helping materials scientists design new products and materials.

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Supplemental Media Available: Making Stuff Smarter Activity (Document); What Is Materials Science? (Document)

NOVA Outsmarting Oobleck
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  • Running Time: 3m 12s
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  • Level: Grades 6-12

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This media asset was adapted from NOVA's "Making Stuff: Smarter".

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