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Karnak Temple: Temple of Ramses III
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This nearly 200-foot-long temple features three bark chapels, a hypostyle hall of eight columns, a vestibule with four columns, and an open court (within which this view was taken). The court is surrounded by statues of Ramses III in his Jubilee vestments. (Jubilees were typically celebrated in the 30th year of a pharaoh's reign and every five years thereafter.)

Temple Detail from the Temple of Ramses III.

You start facing north toward the Great Court, with the statue of Ramses II in view through the door. On the inside face of the pylon ahead of you are scenes showing Ramses III vanquishing his enemies. On the opposite end, to the south, you'll see the entrance to the temple proper. As you move around, try to pinpoint the only statue of Ramses III that still sports the traditional long beard that all pharaohs wore.

Photographer Annie Valva prepares to shoot a QuickTime VR inside Ramses III's temple.

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