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The Howard Hughes Medical Institute is dedicated to discovering and disseminating new knowledge in the basic life sciences. HHMI provides its scientists with resources, time, and freedom to make fundamental discoveries for the benefit of mankind. The Institute also seeks to strengthen education in biology and related sciences through programs that transform teaching, broaden access to science for all persons, and expand public understanding of science.

In support of this mission, HHMI is proud to be a sponsor of NOVA scienceNOW, an innovative new science magazine series that encompasses a Web site and an educational outreach effort. HHMI joins NOVA in this new endeavor through the Office of Grants and Special Programs. The Institute looks forward to contributing educational and other resources to support two important shared goals: Fostering a citizenry that is engaged in the world of science and providing inspiration to the next generation of scientists.

HHMI has developed extensive Web-based resources for students. They include virtual laboratory experiments that can be conducted right at the computer, lively lectures by some of the nation's top scientists, animations, and books. This library of resources can be reached at and

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